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Mercy Health


Welcome to Mercy Health!  

All Mercy Health Sites:


For EPIC Access:

Please provide the following to the Mercy Health EPIC coordinator

(Fran Kokaliaris is the one contact for any Mercy Hospital)

Please use the All Epic Access form and submit to the Mercy Health EPIC coordinator for access at least 30 days prior to starting all clinical rotations at any Mercy Facility.

·       All columns must be filled in per the column headers

o   For instructors please provide last 4 of social security

o   For students please provide last 4 of student ID

·       Anyone needing new access will need to sign Mercy’s security agreement form.

o   For instructors, please hand sign and electronically return to the Mercy Health EPIC coordinator as soon as possible.

o   For students, hand signed forms will be maintained on file at their schools


MERCY HEALTH EPIC TRAINING is a requirement: HEALTH EPIC Training Calendar - December 2021

All instructors new to Mercy Heath will need to attend a 4 hour virtual Epic class that is held every Tuesday from 1pm-5pm. Contact the Epic Coordinator to be placed on the schedule.

o   Instructors must have completed training before students will be granted access.

·       Student training touch base with an on-site EPIC trainer must be arranged with the Mercy Health EPIC coordinator for each clinical rotation as soon as possible.

o   Touch base takes about an hour and training directions/expectations will be covered during this time.

o   Students must have completed a virtual Epic session prior to the first day of clinical rotation. Please click here for virtual class offering. 

o   Efforts will be made to arrange the touch base to align with first clinical day.


Site specific EPIC training coordinators:

West Hospital             Fran Kokaliaris   

Fairfield Hospital        Ellen Hensler   

The Jewish Hospital   Maria Phillips   

Anderson Hospital      Jennifer LaCortiglia   

Clermont Hospital      Jennifer LaCortiglia   


Mercy Health Site coordinators for clinical placement

Mercy Health - West Hospital:    Robin Fox

Mercy Health - Fairfield Hospital:  Laura Davis

The Jewish Hospital - Mercy Health:  Amy Voris

Mercy Health - Anderson Hospital:  Jake Tribull

Mercy Health - Clermont Hospital:  Sarah Roberts

About Us

The Tristate Nursing Resource Center is a collaborative initiative facilitated by the The Health Collaborative. The TNRC provides centralized, customer focused nursing education services for schools of nursing and clinical agencies within the Tristate region.

Contact Us

Josh Boyd

CCPS Coordinator 

T: 513-247-6867



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