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Mercy Health


Welcome to Mercy Health!  

All Mercy Health Sites:


In this section you will find documents and information for all 5 Mercy Health locations.  

Schools:  Please send the following 2 Excel files to the Mercy Health site coordinator to have the student's network ID and EPIC log in created 30 days prior to the start of the clinical:

All Site school documentation form return to Mercy

All Site Mercy Health Nursing Student CarePath EPIC template

Mercy Health Site coordinators for clinical placement

Mercy Health - West Hospital:    Janet Elder

Mercy Health - Fairfield Hospital:  Denise Evers

The Jewish Hospital - Mercy Health:  Rhoda Bates

Mercy Health - Anderson Hospital:  Allison Schlinkert

Mercy Health - Clermont Hospital:  Mandy Svarda


Starting August 1, 2017 Mercy Health will be following The Health Collaborative Guidelines for student nurse EPIC training. In order to have access to these modules, the students will need a network login. Make sure the "All Sites Mercy Health Nursing Student CarePATH EPIC template" is returned to the Mercy Health site 30 days prior to clinical starting. Mercy Health will then provide you a list of the student's EPIC and Network logins. On the first clinical day at Mercy Health, students will be required to log into the Network to change their password. Once they have done this, they will be able to access the modules off-site. All EPIC modules are required to be completed by the second clinical day. 

Please ensure that the following EPIC training certificates are in the student's file.

CLN001 – Overview of Hyperspace for Clinical Apps. (This one is good for anyone who doesn’t know Epic or EHRs)

INP153 – Caring for a patient: Inpatient Nurse Demo

INP062 – Administering Medication.

INP061 – Documenting Flowsheets

CLN059 – Reviewing the Chart

INP064 – Nurse Charting Tools   

INP002 – Nurse Start of Shift Overview 

Mercy Health Required Module (Available in August 2017)

Acessing the Mercy Health network and I-Learn LMS directions (Available in August 2017)

About Us

The Tristate Nursing Resource Center is a collaborative initiative facilitated by the The Health Collaborative. The TNRC provides centralized, customer focused nursing education services for schools of nursing and clinical agencies within the Tristate region.

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Sarah Moore
CCPS Coordinator
T: 513-247-5279


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